Gardner Denver Nash

Gardner Denver Nash

In 2004 Gardner Denver acquired Nash/Elmo Industries LLC. Gardner Denver Nash is the new name of the Liquid Ring Pump Division. This incorporates the Nash Engineering Products along with Siemens Elmo and Garo Liquid Ring Compressors.

This integrated company offers a wide range of products to meet customers' vacuum needs, including: liquid ring vacuum pumps, gas compressors, dry vacuum pumps, screw pumps and steam jet ejectors. Uniquely designed engineered systems are also provided to meet specific needs in vent gas, digester gas, and condenser air removal applications.

Service, support and parts are available for all the Nash, Siemens and Garo products.

Austin & Denholm Industrial Sales is proud to be the exclusive representative for Gardner Denver Nash in Alberta and British Columbia.

How a Liquid Ring Works


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